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Montana Cafe Nears Completion.
February 2007

It was never imagined how long the renovation of this building would take, but one thing Bill always knew is that he would not cut corners on the gift he wanted to give the little town out in northeast Montana.
In February just before he was to end his time out west and return to Saint Paul fulltime for the foreseeable future it was suggested he have an open house so as to share his progress with the community. About twenty guests were able to come on short notice. They were pleased with what had been accomplished. Some had not imagined it would contain so much thought in its execution and appreciation for their heritage. One impression they made clear with Bill is that when it is opened they believed the café would be successful.
That opening will need to wait a bit longer while Bill tends to things in Saint Paul. His wish is that the Café be established as a cooperative and an opportunity for some individuals to have their own business as long as they like. Then when each decides to exit the business some time in the future the remaining group will conduct interviews then bring a new member to the business.
Bill is frugal by nature, almost all of the lumber used in the renovation is recycled. Most of the other ingredients for the renovation are items previously used as well.