The Art Work
Bill Hosko
About the Artist
The Gallery
A Tea Shop, Gallery and Arcade
June 2005

In late May Bill opened Sweet William & Tea in the now completed Endicott Arcade on Fifth building. Seventy people came for the early evening Grand Opening. As a surprise to those present Bill asked all of the guests to move down and spread out along the walls of the Arcade, and listen. In the distance the faint sound of bagpipes could be heard, the music came closer, and closer, a side door was opened from the adjoining parking ramp which was connected to the building via a short skyway. The beautiful sound only a bagpipe can make grew louder still, until they appeared from around the corner at the end of the great hall. The guests were all smiles as the father & son pair Bill had meet only weeks earlier came marching up and then down and up again the arcade. Their finish was greeted with a great round of applause. Two more songs followed which can be certainly described as beautiful, and haunting and mournful as well. Thus after three years the renovation of Hosko Gallery, the Arcade and the Tea Shop were at last done. Photos of these projects from start to finish follow below.